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Cardiovascular disease (CVD) takes the lives of approximately 160,000 people every year in the UK, making it one of the nations biggest killers.

Peter Sleight is a Phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist and he’s mission is to help you win the fight against CVD through exercise. He has trained with the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) and has spent many years helping cardiac patients recover.

Who is this for:

Anyone who has a stable form of cardiovascular disease and who is referred to him by a GP or hospital, or anyone who has had a hospital intervention for a cardiac condition and who has completed a Phase 3 Cardiac Rehabilitation programme.

What to expect during your session:

Peter will develop an exercise programme around you, your needs and your capabilities, and he will gradually progress the intensity of the programme as you gain in fitness and confidence. During your session you will be taught to preform light to moderate exercises safely and effectively.

Cardiac Rehabilitation exercise may include some or all of the following physical activities:

  • Motor skills exercises to help improve your coordination
  • Resistance training to strengthen your muscles
  • Flexibility exercises to lengthen ligaments and tendons
  • Aerobic Exercises to strengthen the heart

During your exercise program you should expect the following improvements:

  • Increased confidence and sense of well-being
  • Weight Loss
  • Fewer visits to the doctor and hospital
  • Reduced dependence on cardiac drugs
  • Lower the Rick of Heart Disease Spreading
  • Lower the Risk of a Cardiac arrest
  • Prevention of diabetes
  • Improved feelings about being able to cope after a heart attack or surgery
  • Increased exercise threshold for the onset of chest pain (angina)
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved blood sugar control
  • Lower anxiety and depression
  • Improved ability to preform daily activities
  • Improved rate of return to work and leisure activities

When should I start?

The sooner you begin cardiac rehabilitation, the less likely you are to have any further complications. Normally you would have a hospital based phase 3, six-week programme to make sure your cardiac disease is stable before being referred to a phase 4 instructor. Remember you must get a referral from your doctor or hospital before starting a rehabilitation programme with Peter.

How long does Rehabilitation last for?

The duration of your cardiac rehabilitation varies depending on your recovery, severity of your symptoms and responsiveness to to the training programme. You must remember this is a lifestyle change which should be a permanent change in your life. The training that he teaches you can last a few weeks or many months.

About Peter

Peter has worked within the fitness industry since 1996 first gaining a Fitness Instruction Certificate before moving to London in 1998 where he successfully set up and ran PS Personal Training and Fit Fast Trainers which he still operates with his business partner Pilar.  While living in London, he developed more advanced qualifications specialising in Cardiovascular and Stroke Rehabilitation. He has featured in newspapers, magazines and has trained everyone from students, celebrities and even a knight.   Over the many years he has been working in the fitness industry, he has built up an extensive knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the human body.  Working with clients who have suffered neurological injuries has taught him that the human brain is more powerful than we think. He now teaches his clients to use Mindful thinking while exercising and training to maximise their results. Continue reading....