Functional fitness training can be described as any program that includes exercises designed to mimic and help you to perform daily tasks or activities safely and efficiently. Examples of these types of tasks or activities include loading and unloading furniture from a truck, or picking your kid up and carrying them up the stairs.

Functional exercises are multi-joint movements that involve using both upper and lower body muscle groups simultaneously while engaging the core.

For example, while an exercise like a dumbbell curl only works the bicep and is performed in most cases for aesthetic purposes, an exercise like a dumbbell farmer’s walk trains the body to lift heavy objects properly off the ground, engaging the core, driving through the heels, then moving those heavy objects from point A to point B. Muscles worked: glutes, quads, hamstrings, upper traps, forearms, and core. Also, it’s not a bad high-intensity cardio workout either. In a real world scenario, an exercise such as this is much more likely to transfer over to a common task such as carrying two heavy grocery bags from the store to your car.

Benefits of Functional Fitness Training Include;

Good for the Elderly

Since the exercises in functional fitness also include kneeling, lying, and squatting, they help older adults to stand quickly from the ground if they fall. Along with that, these exercises also empower them to enjoy various day-to-day activities such as gardening. This is because gardening requires kneeling on the ground. When they do not feel difficulty in kneeling down, they will enjoy gardening more.


gardening functional fitness training

Secondly, it is essential for the elderly to live their life independently even after retirement. Functional fitness makes it possible for them because the exercises included in it help them stretch their muscles for the better. For instance, if they cannot stand up from the seat easily and it requires them to make a lot of effort in doing so, they can easily stand up if they have been functionally trained.

Good for Patients Who Suffered From a Stroke

Patients can get rehabilitated from a stroke through various treatments. One such treatment can be functional training. Over the years, these treatments have evolved a lot, and people are now shifting from conventional treatments to training treatments.

Medical research shows that training which is specifically related to performing tasks can prove to be a source of rehabilitation for patients. Moreover, patients who practice functional fitness tend to stay fit as compared to those who do not receive this kind of training. This was because they continued to perform specific tasks on a daily basis.

Greatly improves your quality of life and endurance. It is the “can do” of life activities. It is worthwhile to fit in a fitness class or a fitness program. When your body is optimally strong, and your muscles are working together correctly, you will complete your tasks and duties in a more accelerated and agile fashion, while using less effort.


Functional Fitness Training Can Improve Your Quality of Life

This type of training is a part of rehabilitation after injury or illness. It can be designed to improve movement in the area you injured or to retrain you to resume the activities of normal life — walking jogging, going up stairs, chasing your kids, etc. Exercise is enjoyable after you acclimate yourself to it.


hiking functional fitness training

Exercise can ramp up your spirit and encourage you as you become stronger and confident that you can do the things you need and want to do. Your freedom brings joy to your inner being as you work your body.

Your physical appearance to yourself and others will change and improve. You will stand taller and straighter, and radiate confidence in yourself. You may even receive opportunities that you would have not otherwise received or taken because of your new gained confidence in your physical fitness level.

Functional fitness helps to improve your performance and the way you do your tasks and activities. This is regardless of whether you are a professional player, an employee, a construction worker or a simple homemaker. It also helps develop your endurance at vital tasks like doing your shopping or going on a night out with your friends!

Proper nutrition along with the all of the above will bring about positive changes in your overall health. You will find your energy levels skyrocketing. Even the blahs seem to fade as you become stronger and healthier. Another side benefit is good posture