The latest jargon in most gyms today is functional training – but that does not make it simply another fitness fad. Those workouts that can be used to transfer the focus to fitness happens to be a way more practical approach to full body exercise, and functional training exercises helps your muscles to be used efficiently in your day-to-day activities. This training type keeps your body prepared for all kinds of activities you come across daily and therefore, ensures that your endurance and strength is applied in all areas of life.


Why Functional Training Is Important For You:


Here are some important reasons why functional training exercises are good for you:


Boosts Coordination And Flexibility

An important aim of functional training is offering resistance. Incorporating such programs and exercises helps to enhance your functional strength through overall coordination and flexibility improvement. With your body’s range of motion boosted, it will become simpler and easier to complete your daily physical tasks.


Muscle Memory Enhancement

Performing this type of training exercise on a regular basis does not just helps you build core strength and muscles, but it also helps your brain to exercise, which boosts the brain’s memory effectively.


Improvement In Posture And Balance

By implementing weight and strength training in your functional fitness program, you can easily manage your weight and lower the stress that is imposed on the body. You will also enjoy enhanced mobility, posture and balance. As a result, you can reach full potential when undertaking your day-to-day activities.


Improves Ease in Daily Activities

Your day-to-day activities are accomplished more easily with this training improving your overall body functionality as it works to enhance your muscle endurance and strength, and develop your body and muscle stability. It works more effectively than conventional training as it targets the movements that you engage in every day.


What Are The Best Functional Training Exercises For Your Body?


All-inclusive physical movements that are common in activities such as yoga and tai chi incorporate various combinations of flexibility and resistance training which can be used for building functional fitness. You can opt for functional training either at the gym or in your house. Exercise tools including kettlebells and fitness balls are generally used for functional training workouts.


To make the most of functional training workouts at the gym, you can try out these exercises given below:


The Chin Up

This exercise aims at building your upper-body as well as relative strength. in your daily activities, your chin-up training can help you with wrestling, climbing and dragging as this exercise forces you to stay in charge of your body weight at the time of working up your upper body. If you are unable to go through with chin-ups, try substituting this workout with one-arm dumbbell row or bent over row. These strong pulling workouts will enhance your posture as well as keep you from experiencing shoulder pain.


The Front Squat

The purpose of this workout is to give strength to the lower part of your body and boost your athletic posture. In your day-to-day activities, this exercise can help you with pushing and jumping. With the front squat you can achieve a position that is way more common than back squat in athletics. In case you find it difficult to execute this workout properly, you can replace it with the easier a step up or back squat. These exercises thoroughly strengthen your glutes, hamstrings and quads.


The Caterpillar Walkout

For this, you will need to stand upright with your feet apart (shoulder-width) and your hands on either side (resting). Lower your hips to reach the squat position and place your hands right in front of your feet with your palms on the ground. Now, quickly walk your hands out till such time that your body reaches the pushup position- in a straight line right from your head to the heels. Take a pause and then reverse the direction to get back into the starting position. You can also try out this exercise on one leg instead of two to build symmetry in the legs and hips. The move should last for 30 seconds after which you need to switch onto the other leg for the next 30 seconds. This exercise will burn your fat, making it easier to maintain your body weight for a healthy living.




Since functional training lays emphasis on your respiratory, flexibility and body strength aspects, the way it aims at different parts of your body makes it different from the rest of your workouts. Functional training incorporates the best in every fitness field and takes into consideration the various physical laws that are applicable to your body’s daily movements. In this way, this training helps boost your health as well as your general well-being.