For those who want to take your workout to a next level, there are many options available, functional training and crossfit are the two most popular methods among the many. Many people, even sometimes gym instructors get confused about the differences between functional training and crossfit and they end up saying that both are the same thing. But, no, they are not the same thing. Yes, both are strength increasing workout regimes, but they have quite a many differences between them.

Before talking about the differences between functional training and crossfit, let us check out the similarities that usually confuse people.

Both the functional training and the crossfit focus on functional fitness and are held as group sessions.

Both of these types, uses High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

A gym instructor or a coach is usually provided to lead you through the steps thoroughly.

They are fit for all levels of fitness.

Let us now understand what functional training and crossfit are and along with that learn the very differences between them.

Functional Training

Functional training as it is called, means or rather it includes training the functional movements of different body parts to build as well as improve the balance and strength of your body. It might sound very simple, but it is not. This program is designed in such a way, that within the limited time, the whole body goes through a workout regime. These sessions of functional training are of some 30-45minutes, and in that time a circle of exercises are followed that increases the strength of the muscles and helps improve whole body performance. The best thing about this type of training is that the workout is solely based on time, and not on the number of times, one exercise is to be repeated. Functional training, as it leads to a whole body workout, it helps in building muscles that are used by a person in their daily life. Here, most of the times, the training requires to use your own body weight, and it is quite a challenge to incorporate the body weight properly. These exercises are self-indulging, and so you can only do until your body gives up, and that is the reason, it reduces the chances of injuries. One of the biggest differences between functional training and crossfit is that, in functional training most of the times, no equipment or weights are used.

Pushup Training Functional



Crossfit introduced back in 2000 is one of the ongoing workout regimes that has almost 12,000 affiliations throughout the world. It is a workout regime, which consists of gymnastics, weightlifting like those of Olympic levels, and other such timed events, that makes it very competitive and challenging. It is a kind of strength increasing workout which aims and improves endurance, speed, strength, coordination, coordinative abilities, balance etc. that also without deserting the very important respiratory and cardiovascular endurances. It is a mix and match of gymnastic, aerobic exercises and weightlifting. The program is designed in such a way, that your body becomes ready for any sort of challenge. Crossfit program, keeps on changing from time to time and thus, you get a different and a better result every time, and your body’s endurance power also goes on increasing. There is no doubt, it is one of the harder forms of training and is a lot tougher to experience, until you have become sort of experienced in the field. One difference that it has with the functional training is that, since it involves the usage of a lot equipment and weights, there are high chances of a person getting injured, while following this type of workout regime, than functional ones. So, it is always advisable to find a gym, where there are certifies instructors, so that your body, and your workout routine, falls under good hands.

Weightlifting Crossfit Training

You Decide

So, the basic difference between functional training and crossfit is the lack of the Olympic weightlifting movements, and people from time to time tend to say this that weightlifting is necessary to increase and strengthen your muscles. But, at the end it is completely your choice, and you get to decide, which workout regime you want to follow, because what matters is the end result, of becoming fit fitter fittest.