There are some certifications and requirements that one must meet to become a personal trainer in Melbourne or get employment at the gym. A coach must have the ability to conduct client health screening, fitness assessments, client motivation, and setting and achieving goals. Before setting up your personal training business, one must have the following certifications:

Certificate III in Fitness

The Certificate III in Fitness course gives you the chance to become a nationally recognised trainer. There are two modes of studying for this course: full online study and face-to-face study. Face-to-face entails attending classes, and the lessons include both theory and practical sessions conducted at the on-campus training centres. The full online study involves interactive lecture presentations, videos, web links, podcasts, and other exciting activities.

The Certificate III in Fitness course takes up to 12 months of training before completion. Since it is a beginner course, anyone who passes a medical test will be legible for admission.

It is offered in the following training institutes:

Certificate IV in Fitness

Turn your love for fitness into a good career by getting a Certificate IV in Fitness from accredited institutions. To be eligible to take this course, you must have completed the Certificate III Fitness course successfully. You must also be over 17 years of age and meet the institution’s admission criteria that may involve interviews in selected subject areas. It also takes 12 months and offered as either an on-campus course or online course.

The following institutions offer the course:


Online Short Courses

It is a short course that is online based. It takes up to six months but self-paced. The course covers mainly the human anatomy as well as physiology and the significant they have in the fitness and training context.

The learner will also gain knowledge in health screening and assessing clients, delivering fitness programs, providing healthy eating information, and identifying the customers’ needs to do fitness programs. Though it is an online program and self-paced, the learners are expected to undertake a practical session for a minimum of 33 hours. That is mandatory after completing all three-course modules.

All the applicants must attain the following minimum qualifications to be considered eligible:

  • Have at least 18 years old;
  • Have completed Year 10;
  • Hold a certificate II level qualification or a higher;
  • Have two years of industry experience in a role that requires the use of written documentation and communication.

You can enrol for the program in the following institutions:

Complete Personal Trainer

It is a short program that takes only 12 months to completion. Offered in three different study modes that include the on-campus, online, and the blended mode that comprises of both the on-campus and online classes.

The course aims in endorsing in the students the ability to undertake client’s assessments, monitor their progress, and plan and deliver effective exercise programs. You will acquire essential skills that will give your fitness career a lifetime of strength.

To be eligible for selection, you must hold a current first Aid qualification.

The following institutions offer the program:


Diploma of nutrition and dietetics for Personal Trainer

It is a short program which is campus based. It runs for 3×13 week trimester attending classes on a full-time basis. The part-timers will double the duration that is 6×13 week trimester. It is offered only in on-campus study mode.

All the applicants are required to have completed the Certificate IV in Fitness and pass through other admission protocols.

More information about the Diploma of Nutrition & Dietetics For Personal Trainers can be found here.


Diploma of Sports Development

To qualify for this program in any institution, you will have a senior secondary certificate of education. An alternative qualification will involve interview exams on language, literacy, and numeracy. Another requirement is a competency in exit level 3 and 4, and a work experience within Australian core skills framework assessment in numeracy and reading.

The course lasts for 3×13 week trimester for full-time classes and 6×13 week trimester for part time classes.

More information on the Diploma of Sports Development can be found here.


Certificate III in Sport and Recreation

The course is recommended for individuals who look forward to operating and managing sports and fitness clubs. You will learn effective ways of managing your sports, recreation, and fitness, as well as developing the art of organisation.

The course takes between 12 to 18 months and is delivered purely online.

More information on the Certificate III in Sport & Recreation can be found here.


All the courses are essential, and anyone interested in being a personal trainer should consider them. Follow the various links for more information on intake dates and fee charges.