Incorporating Mindfulness Training Into You Exercise Regime & Achieving Higher Levels of Self Satisfaction

Most of us rush through our daily routine without a conscious awareness. A proper exercise regimen using a professional personal trainer in Melbourne can help you become more aware of your mind, body and in turn your surroundings. As a result, integrating mindfulness training while training in the gym will result in better mind-body awareness and happiness, peace and flow of positive energy in your work, relationships and life.

Frenzy and Chaos

In our chaotic world, most of us go through stress related issues, such as depression, anxiety and many other challenges. If you are leading a mindless kind of life, it is completely changeable. With the help of a personal trainer, integrating mindfulness training during exercise can be achieved and it can have a life-changing effect on your physical and mental health and help mindfulness meditation while you are not exercising.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a kind of meditation and bringing this kind of meditation in your daily routine can benefit you in several ways. Mindfulness means that you are fully aware of your senses and feelings, without being judgmental about them. By practising mindfulness exercises, you could channel your attention from stressful thoughts and involve yourself in more calming and peaceful aspects of the world. This would also help you stay more focused on whatever you do in your daily routine, especially your job and your training.

Mindfulness Training and Exercise

When your personal trainer is able to incorporate mindful training into your exercise routine, you will be able to learn and understand your body better, the way it moves and you will get superior results with fewer injuries. It can benefit you in many other ways, like reducing stress and anxiety and reducing negative thoughts and in turn will make you happier and improve your mood.

Elevate Your Exercise Routine

A good fitness trainer will be able to integrate mindfulness in the exercise regimen, regardless of the kind of sport or exercise that you are doing. This will bring you closer to physical as well as spiritual objectives. An expert personal trainer can help to be mindful with your exercise program, so that you get a mind-body connection through the physical movements.

Stress Free

When you are involved in a mindfulness exercise set by your personal trainer, you worry less about other opinions, like what others say about you or think about you, as you are focused on yourself and the exercises at hand. You will achieve a greater sense of satisfaction and obtain better results and this will result in reducing the stress in your life.

Integration of Mindfulness Training

Here are some ways in which your personal trainer will help you get that all-important mind-body connection while exercising.

1. Feeling the Body

Though this is quite obvious, there are many who exercise at full speed and are not aware of their bodies throughout the process. They just ignore the pain and protests that their body is making. This is disconnected exercise and could lead to injuries. Exercise is a process that involves not just the mind but also the body and you should be aware of it. Be aware of your movements and feel your muscles while exercising.

2. Observing the Environment

With a professional fitness trainer guiding you through your exercise routine, you will be more aware of your environment. For instance, if you are performing an outdoor activity, you will have to be aware of the location or situation. You must be aware of the space, the lighting, and the smells. When you perform such a workout, it is almost akin to meditation, as you achieve a focused workout. If exercising indoors, switch off the TV or close the door and select the kind of music that helps you to maintain an awareness of yourself.

3. Right Postures

A right posture is very important to bring in mindfulness in your exercise. Your personal trainer will help you achieve the correct posture for the best spine alignment suitable for all exercises and physical activities. With the right posture, there is a natural energy flow and information flow through the body’s nervous system.

4. Focusing on the Breath

Any personal trainer of mindful-based exercises will tell you that focusing on the breath is of utmost importance. The regular inflow and the outflow of the breath offer a rhythm that can fix you to the present. It also serves as a crucial connection between the body, the mind and the soul. The breath must be deep to make the connection deeper, as it infuses oxygen into the body and gives you the energy for the physical exertion.


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